Saturday, 8 October 2011


I admit I haven't really taken to these just yet. I'm being swayed by the Kindle, but it's still out of my price range, so I'm not about to get one. However, I thought I'd do a little list of those available at the moment.
  1. Kindle (Amazon's offering, and available in both the US and UK)
  2. Nook (Barne and Noble's reader, and I've heard good things. Only available in the US though)
  3. Sony (I see a lot of these in shops, particularly Waterstones)
  4. Elonex (Unfortunately, I don't think this stands a chance against the others, particularly as its features are far outweighed by those of the Nook and Kindle)
  5. Waterstones (Yep, they're releasing their own according to this article. As they mention the Nook as their inspiration, I'm hopeful.)
Have you moved onto an eReader yet? Which is your favourite and why? Any I've missed (probably several) that you think deserve a mention?


Kelley said...

I have a Nook Color and love it to pieces. Love the touch screen, access to email/internet/youtube, love the other things it can do besides e-read.

C D Meetens said...

How clear is the screen in the sun? I know Kindle's is supposed to be great in the sun, unlike my NetBook :/. Not sure why B&N won't release the Nook in the UK :(.

Kelley said...

It's not bad in the sun, but not amazing. I do think that's something the Kindle would be better at, simply because it's made with that e-ink type of technology. Which unfortunately means it isn't something you could play, say, videos on because of that.

C D Meetens said...

Hmm, tough. Would be nice to have something that could act as more than a reader, but if I still have trouble seeing it that sort of defeats the purpose... And Amazon have just released a slightly more affordable Kindle. Might have to investigate that.

Cherie Reich said...

I heart my Kindle. Seriously. I take it most places, and I have the Kindle app for my smart phone. The Kindle is mainly just for reading, though, although the Kindle Fire has more to it, so it just depends on what you want. Do you want something more to read or do you want apps/movies/etc.? I do plan to pre-order the Kindle Fire soon as well, but there is a strange part of me that wants the other Kindles too, even though I don't need them. *laughs* Perhaps I need to stop wanting to collect things. ;)

C D Meetens said...

I like gadgets and technology, so I understand your interest in collecting the Kindle :). I'm amazed I've left eReaders and tablets alone for this long.

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