Saturday, 24 September 2011

Things that help me write

  1. A pen (always useful to have some form of writing implement)
  2. A notepad (or a computer of some kind, but notepads are trusty standards and don't require power for me to write)
  3. A large chunk of undisturbed time (I write best when I have time to get into the story)
  4. A coffee (I also write best when I've made a cup of filter coffee to start me off  ;))
  5. A fair amount of energy (I fall asleep over the notepad if I'm tired, or end up writing nonsense, and having to rewrite it later to get it to make sense - neither of which make for a good story)
What about you? What makes for a good "butt-in-seat" session when writing (stories, blogs, essays, anything else you might be writing)?

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Christine Rains said...

I need my computer and silence. Plus, yeah, a good chunk of time. It stresses me out when I know I have to stop after a short bit of time, so I don't get any writing done.

C D Meetens said...

I can write with music in the background or the hum of conversation, but not when the words are clear. I find myself distracted. That happened on Friday's commute home, when someone sat next to me on the bus and proceeded to have a loud phone conversation with her boyfriend about how much he'd lied to her :/.

Aubrie said...

A fair amount of undisturbed time definitely helps me out. It's so hard to write a half hour before work.

C D Meetens said...

I would agree with that. With just half an hour, I've probably just managed to get into my story world when I've got to get out of it again.

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